Ready To Cook Premix By Magmary For Easy And Stress-Free Cooking !
It’s time to say good bye to unhygienic food, cleaning, chopping, standing long hours in the kitchen, after office hours cooking pressure, surprise guests anxiety and the forceful unplanned visit to supermarkets because MagMary will take away your stress when it comes to cooking.
Authentic Taste Safe & hygienic
Ready to Cook
Hearty Meals Packed Cooking Premix
Hearty Meals’ ready to cook is the only premix product in today’s market that covers all ingredients from herbs, spices to even the full cream dairy powder for Delhiwala Butter Chicken and coconut cream powder for Goan prawn curry. All you have to do is mix the premix with water & your favourite chicken/meat/prawn and while a traditional delicacy is being cooked in a pan you can relax and enjoy yourself!
Peshawari Chicken Kadai Rs. 99.00
Includes full cream powder
Delhiwala Butter Chicken
Delhiwala Butter Chicken Rs. 125.00
Chettinad Chicken Gravy Rs. 99.00
Bengali Chicken Kosha Rs. 99.00
Patiala Ghosht Curry Rs. 99.00
Rajasthani Laal Maas Rs. 99.00
Jodhpuri Mutton Banjara Rs. 99.00
Irani Mutton Kheema Rs. 99.00
Includes coconut milk powder
Goan Prawn Curry
Goan Prawn Curry Rs. 125.00
Ready to drink
Hindish Instant Beverage Premix
Hindish, the taste of authentic Indian Chai is one of a kind compared to the range of instant tea premixes that you get to taste in the market. The spices in Rajwadi and Mint Masala have the right proportion to boost immunity and to keep you fresh, enthusiastic and energectic throughout the day.
Ginger Tea Premix Rs. 450.00
Cardamom Tea Premix Rs. 480.00
Rajwadi Tea Premix Rs. 525.00
Badam Milk Premix Rs. 550.00
Coffee Premix Rs. 450.00
Cappuccino Classic Premix Rs. 560.00
Masala Tea Premix Rs. 450.00

100% Fresh

100% Pure

No Preservatives

Authentic Taste

How we are best?
Why select us?
Every ingredient in our products originates from qualified and/or certified suppliers which are hand-pick ingredient to ensure that it meets our quality standards for a perfect and delicious food & beverage. To ensure the cleanliness of spices, our products undergo the various spice testing parameters such as botanical evaluation, microbiological evaluation, chemical analysis to name a few. Our every product is formulated by a Mother, hence are natural, healthy and safe to be consumed by all age groups. We disagree to add any preservatives and artificial color just to make the food look attractive.
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Kingsten Dsouza
Super quality restaurant style taste by just mixing and heating! A big relief for bachelors and working people like me. Where else can i get to savour such authentic flavourful dish without spending any time in kitchen
Kamaljeet Kaur
Tried and tested, fabulous yummy gravy. An easy ready to cook packet filled with all necessary ingredients. Nothing else to add other than meat and water. This is a wonder pack to cook after office hours and for large number of guests!
Aafreen Chouhan, Mumbai
I tried hearty meals rajasthani laal maas it gave taste of I had in my relatives place in Indore. The aroma brought childhood memories back, the summer holiday mood, everyone should try these amazing range. Will definately try more varieties in future.
Sanjay Sinha, Bihar
I have tried peshawari chicken ready cook. Instant and tasty. Such gravies are good as there is no preservatives smell or oil smell. My children loved it.
Francis Sequeira, Mumbai
I have used MagMary Hearty Meals masala and the curry is tasty, and full of flavour. No hassles of cutting onions and adding anything Its all readymade .
Riva Juthani, Gujarat
Yes, I can cook nonveg gravies' - I picked up Hearty Meals premix of Peshawari Chicken Kadai. Amazed without any cutting and standing job in kitchen I got this mouth watering starter ready!! Must try for beginners like me 😀 can't wait to try their other range of gravies. One of the best buys I could ever get. Super cheap and super yummy. Very convenient. Need to pickup a lot of boxes before it ends!!
Kasturi Chodankar, Mumbai
This product is fantastic!!! I tried the delhiwala butter chicken and Peshawari chicken kadhai! I'm usually a purist when it comes to authentic food and don't like shortcuts which compromise on taste. But so pleasantly surprised that these powders turn into the most magical curries with the addition of just water and meats. Amazing and can't wait to try all the varieties. Would recommend to all. Saves more than 4 hours of hard labour and you can finally serve to the family with love minus the trouble 😁💓💓💓💓
Muskan, Kolkota
Loved the curry …both the chicken chettinad & Bengali chicken kossa turned out the best & very easy quick recipe ..can’t wait to try mutton banjara & I know it taste will be great …thanks magmarry for creating such a blissful product for us people like busy ,office going etc
Mohd Elias, Chennai
This was mind-blowing gravy. Felt like I am having Chettinad cuisine in Chennai!!! How innovative is this that a complete authentic gravy in one chota pack that too without preservatives! Great idea.
Tej Reddy, Hyderabad
It's yummy, had been licking fingers till my mom scold to stop, such a tasty one just by adding this.
Nikhil Salvi, Mumbai
I have used multiple spice brands but this one is head and shoulders above the rest. Their spice mix is not over whelming like other indian brands, and has a unique taste. This peshwari mix makes home made chicken, taste like restuarant quality. Go for it.