Ahmedabad to Leh Ladakh road trip with R2C Premixes

Our road trip from Gujarat to Leh Ladakh was not less than a roller coaster drive with 2 young children. We set off with an aim to make this road trip a complete adventure and learn to adjust life with whatever challenges we came across, even our daughters were thrilled and excited for this journey. Midway stopping at Jispa to acclimatize was a chilling experience amidst the giant snowy mountains with tents to stay in across the beautiful ice cold river. The weather and scenic beauty filled our hearts but something was still missing.

Food! Hunger pangs started interfering with our admiration at this mesmerizing view. Jispa is a stopover for all LL goers, a great location to chill with fellow travellers, sing songs, drink hot soup and for some a peg of brandy or whiskey 😉

A humble place with humble locals, all that our enthusiastic tent walas' could offer was some Maggi, fries, frozen food, limited veggies with rice/breads because going to a market means driving 3 hrs back to Manali crossing the great Atal Tunnel. For this breathtaking location anybody can waive off fancy food, but why to let it go off when @magmaryindia can give us Hearty Meals!

We carried with us Hearty Meals ready to cook gravy packs. Easy to carry, zero oil and a perfect premix that contains onions, tomatoes, spices, salt! All we wanted was chicken, water and fire. The tent walas had  frozen chicken stocked with them and our portable battery operated gas stove completed our requirement.

Cooking is more fun when it's easy to cook. In a heated pan, mix the premix with water, chicken and cook on a medium to high flame...viola masaledar chicken curry is ready!

We used 2 Peshawari Chicken Kadai premix packs to cook 1 kg chicken., Weather @ 1°C,  pitch dark, under the moon light, bonfire, zero sound of vehicle, sound of only flowing river, a plate of spicy tangy hearty meal with a glass of brandy for me 🥃 was heavenly🤗

The happiness of cooking and relishing a hearty meal with zero effort at Jispa, a spectacular location was indeed an unforgettable experience of lifetime.

Whatta travel🧳 when your travel includes all the adventures and new experiences!!

So, if you are adventurous and plan to make a road trip, do purchase and carry Hearty Meals from www.magmary.in or from www.amazon.in

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